Manual therapy


Osteopathy is a system of medicine that emphasizes the theory that the body can make its own remedies, given normal structural relationships, environmental conditions, and nutrition.

It differs from allopathy primarily in its greater attention to body mechanics and manipulative methods in diagnosis and therapy.” World Health Organization (WHO)

The indication of an osteopathic treatment is based on the presence of a clinically significant dysfunction in the abscence of any contraindications.

Myofascial Release®

Myofascial Release® is a concept of treatment for locomotor system injuries, based on evaluation and treatment techniques, three-dimensional manual compressions supported through different levels of body movements across the fascial system, with the aim of eliminating the functional limitations. The Elimination of restrictions allows the patient´s body to restore body balance, eliminate painful symptoms and recover the altered function of the musculoskeletal system.” (DR. ANDRZEJ PILAT©)

Craneomandicular Disorders and Orofacial Pa


They are a combination of disorders that present signs and symptoms in the area of the TemporoMandibular joint (TMJ) and oral structures (muscles, teeth, gums), as well as wide-spread pain in ear, jaw, head, neck, shoulders and back.


The main factors related to CMD are joints hyperlaxity, trauma, bruxism, teeth clenching, stress and diseases that affect the joints: arthrosis or arthritis.


A large part of the population has signs and symptoms although only a percentage accurate treatment. Treatment often requires a team of physiotherapist, dentist, psychologist and speech therapist.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

D.L.M. Manual Lymphatic Drainage Dr. Vodder Method

Gentle manual techniques that are performed in order to remove the lymph that is stagnant. Treatment with multi-application, aesthetic and therapeutic (postmastectomy, phlebitis, cellulitis, etc.).

The technique uses various maneuvers that require a deep knowledge of the lymphatic system and the connective tissue. They must be exercised with proper pressure and cadence or rhythm that stimulates the contraction of the lymph angiones.

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