Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy


It is a therapeutic intervention that uses the physical properties of water with a therapeutic intent, designed by specifically qualified physiotherapists, aiming to improve and rehabilitate the function, that takes place in a swimming pool with specific characteristics.
These therapeutic interventions are based on the application of specific techniques such as Halliwick®, Bad Ragaz Ring Method, Cranio Sacral Therapy in Water™, aquatic relaxation techniques, etc.

1. Watsu® (Water Shiatsu)


MPassive form of aquatic bodywork that combines the benefits of water at 34° C with the Shiatsu blessings.

Benefits include increased range of motion, deeper breathing, emotional release, improved posture and body awareness, bolstered self-esteem and aid with sleep and fatigue. (Mary Essert©)

Effects in the Body:

Watsu® promotes a deep state of relaxation with dramatic changes in the autonomic nervous system.
Through quieting the sympathetic and enhancing the parasympathetic nervous systems, Watsu® has profound effects on the neuromuscular system. (Cameron West ©).

2. Cranio Sacral Therapy in Water™


This powerful and subtle method is designed to balance the cranio sacral rhythm and release restrictions of the connective tissue throughout the body. It is generally applied on a table but has major applications in the water. (Elisa Muñoz Blanco©)


The patient´s body, being in flotation, moves in a uninhibited that expresses the changes in the tension and the mobility of the tissue. As the tissues release their restrictions, viscoelasticity changes and collagen fibers come into a better functional alignment. More movement of the tissue, fluids and structures will then be available, facilitating the selfcorrecting mechanisms of the body itself. (Dr. John E. Upledger©)

3. Halliwick®

The Halliwick® Concept was originally developed to teach physically disabled people independence in wáter and enhance sense of balance and core stability.


Halliwick Aquatic Therapy has mainly used in neurorehabilitation and pediatrics. It has resemblances to Bobath and Conductive education.

Halliwick also enables chronic low back pain patients and other disorders to increase their functional capacity in a mostly joyful way.

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